Ask Me Anything

Well, almost anything.

This is the page where I take questions from readers, friends, muckrakers.  If you have a question that you’d like to ask, please feel free to either email me at or leave me a comment below!  Thanks!

Okay, first question:

Which scene or bit of dialogue in the book are you most proud of and why?

Answer:  I love so many scenes in this book that it’s hard to choose.  Hmm, I think my favorite to write was the dance scene.  There is a scene where May dances on the stage and sort of first realizes that there is something very strange zeroing in on her, specifically, and that she kind of likes it. For the first time the feeling isn’t as terrifying as it is powerful, and kind of sexy, and she owns it.  It was a blast to plot out and I remember listening to Peek  A Boo by Susie and the Banshees like a thousand times while writing it!

Where do you get inspiration for your work?

Answer: Everywhere!  I pull a lot from personal experiences.  Not necessarily specific memories of things that have happened, but rather the way I felt when certain things were happening.  For instance, if I was on a date and a guy would look at his phone while I was talking, how did I feel at that moment? What was I thinking about?  Would my character do the same thing I did and just sit there politely and just never agree to grab coffee again?  Or would she stand up and dump her coffee in his lap or maybe smack the phone out of his hand.  So every situation, no matter how uncomfortable, can open up a world of possibilities in fiction.

You can read more about one terrible date that inspired a bit of the book here in this lovely book bubble.

You can find Daughter of the Fallen here!


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